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We provide a sanctuary for those preparing for or have experienced the loss of a loved one. Our primary mission is to educate families about the process of preparing for loss, assist in preparing final wishes for your loved ones, as well as provide resources for healing after your loss.

Though it is never easy, death is inevitable. We assure you, Life and Legacy Planning Professionals is a place of solace and knowledgeability. While in the vital position of decision-making prior to, during, or after your time of loss, we are here for you.

While we are not a funeral home and do not provide funeral services, we provide customized, full-service planning and support to ease the process for your family, no matter the stage you are in. It would be an honor for us to serve you and your family.

Our Support Cycle

Additionally, we assist with implementing COVID Protocols, determining Financial Assistance eligibility, Government benefits and FEMA reimbursements for Covid-19 deaths.

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Our Team

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Our Life and Legacy Planning Professionals’ team is comprised of forward-thinking, highly trained, and credentialed experts who are revered in the industry. Our reputation precedes us locally and nationally, for our dedication to perform with the utmost Integrity, excellence, and commitment.

We have more than 30 years of combined experience and due to our foundation in project management and event planning, we take personal pride in maintaining the highest level of order in our strategic planning and professionalism. Our personal commitment to serving others stems from our innate spirit of excellence and years of perfecting our approach to providing care for our families with ease, comfort, and precision.

DeDe Willis

The Visionary of this dynamic duo, DeDe is recognized by Industry Agents, her peers, and the community as a stellar professional. She has dedicated her life to serving families in the midst of their difficult season with optimal care, generosity, and professionalism. A strategist by both nature and profession, DeDe is laser-focused on simplifying processes and service etiquette for the team. She conceptualizes, creates a succinct plan and executes on behalf of her clients, gracefully. A charming, southern girl at heart, she is beloved and respected by her community and wants to extend her hospitality and services abroad.

Cameron Demming

Quiet and demure in demeanor, Cameron, The Compassionate One, is an intricate part of the team. Admired and revered in the community for his drive and desire to help others, Cameron has all the feels and does the heavy lifting behind the scenes. In his poignant, but powerful role, he commands the stage to manage the personal and intimate moments with and on behalf of the families, his empathetic nature lends to the outstanding character he displays to help transition his grieving families. For nearly twenty years, he has extended the gentleness and nurturing required to maintain stability and calm during a families’ most difficult moments.

Our Services

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Life and Legacy Planning Professionals


Stability | Strength | Support

Entrust your planning needs to Life and Legacy Planning Professionals, LLC

We Provide:

  • Counseling and support with genuine care and precision.
  • Relief in an atmosphere of uncertainty and indecision
  • Assurance through constant communication.
  • Education of products and services,
  • Provide various options and work within budget limitations.
  • Insurance policy evaluations
  • Funeral home price comparisons
  • Referral to our partner funeral homes
  • Accompanying the family to arrangement, disposition location (cemetery) and venue planning conferences
  • Preferred vendors for caskets, transportation, flowers, musicians, clergy, urns, clothing, doves, horse drawn carriage, programs and register books, crematories, soloists, hairstylists, and barbers

Here is what our clients had to say about our in-sanctuary, in-home and virtual services:

Professional, understanding, empathetic, loving, caring, passionate and just great Energy.

- Moura Hoskin

Your professionalism and caring attitude has always been a plus!

- Kimberly Nixon

I’ve worked with you for over 13 years and I love the way you handle your grieving families. You’re very professional in your craft.

- Donald Hollins

Brilliant, detailed-focused and an awesome communicator. You are the greatest!

- Carolyn Sohper

Very professional, funny, kind and understanding. Very positive.

- Yvette Richmond

You took care of my dad, son and sister’s service

- Chandra King-Mitchell

God sent you to me!!!! You are my blessins

- Dresha Harrison

Everything you do turns into pure gold. You are amazing!!!!

- Tonya Barefield Mosley


- Melvin Conn

Family Oriented

- Andre Tyler

Very professional, funny, kind and understanding. Very positive.

- Yvette Richmond

Very professional and knowledgeable in the industry.You deal with a log of influential people and it was a great learning experience to see a young black woman with a brand that moves like such.

- Chaneka Tippit

100% First Class

- Pastor Stephen Nash

Very professional yet approchable, caring, change agent and focused on getting the job done. Leader that empowers the team.

- Shirley Cooper

You are a LIFE CHANGER and you have truly blessed the life of me and my family.

- Rev. Jeffery Mccowan

You wrote two pre-need policies for me and you were very knowledgeable, professional and very efficient. All with amazing warmth and compassion.

- Khadijah Karriem

100% Class Act

- Jay Jay

Your professionalism and caring attitude has always been a plus!

- Kimberly Nixon

Professional in business.Very informative and gives service with class.On a personal level, a nice, caring and loving young lady.If she can offer any assistance, she will gladly give it.

- James and Linda Willis

Sweet, caring, informative and smart. Very professional and goal-driven. Beautiful Spirit.

- Denise McDonald

Casing, assuring and motivating.

- Lillian Daisy

Detail-oriented, personable while maintaining professionalism. Caring without being intrusive. Insightful.

- Jason Ward

Beautiful! Smart and can organize any event. Sharing, helpful and knowledgeable. Very personable and professional.

- Gloria Garnett

Professional, determined and caring.

- Steven Bradfield

Very sweet lady! Caring and compassionate toward our family in time of need. We thank and love you. Keep doing what you do!

- Toshunda Grant

You are awesome!

- Evelyn Rose

I worked with you over a decade ago in a very special part of my life. You were very crucial in holding me up. I am forever grateful to you. Your work ethic and commitment is something I carry with me in all I do.

- Juju Hamilton

I’ve had the pleasure to work with you at church on several committees, ministries and in community service projects. ~ Alicia Lane

- Lawhorn

You are kind and I learned a lot from you. Your beauty is so much in your heart and outside.

- Lois Walker

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Disclaimer: Life and Legacy Planning Professionals is a consulting firm- not a funeral establishment.